Jan 08

Hoover Dam Tour Destination

Although Hoover Dam and Las Vegas are year-round destinations, there are fewer guests during fall and winter. The snow covered gorge looks nice while the tours within the dam is safe for the visitors. Parking is also easier once there are less guests.

While buying the tickets at the visitor Center, you wish to make a decision how far deep within you’d wish to visit. The cheaper and faster tour consists of visiting the inside of the dam and the higher priced ticket would entitle the visitor access to the observation deck, film displays and access down to the power Plant.

Both packages embody an elevator trip down the dam. while the visitor is waiting for his or her turn, they’ll walk across the dam taking in the read of four intake towers on the lake mead side of the dam and therefore the spillways. The guests will see the whitewashed rock at the shoreline, that is that the indicator of the water level of lake mead. This part of the dam is the border between Nevada and Arizona.

Once within the power plant, the visitor will notice the water dripping and flow and constantly hear loud noise of the Colorado river gushing through the pipes. be sure to stay near the guide as the noise can interfere with the information he gives. The art decor floor, polished tiles etc are eye-catching features of the massive generator room. This place is additionally very noisy with 8 powerful generators roaring away, while 8 more of its counterparts do their jobs on the Arizona-side of the dam. One will appreciate the tracking devices, cranes and the manpower involved to keep up, repair, remove or replace the gigantic machines.

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