Jun 01

Scotland Adventure Sea Kayaking

The easiest way to start this trip would be at Freswick Bay, a nice sandy beach simply a few km south of the stacks. Just to the south close to Noss Head you’ll find Sinclair Bay with a vast beach stretching over 4km. This is often once more a great launching spot for a sea kayak. Noss Head only a few clicks away from the beach has some impressive cliffs and you might also spot Sinclair castle from the water. Simply round the corner from the headland is Wick, an old Caithness city with several grey stone buildings, typical for the area.

South of Wick and all the way to Lybster you’ll again find several interesting cliff formations, sea stacks and natural arches. The paddling journey would be about 20km. just after leaving Wick you’ll also notice previous Wick Castle at the top of the cliffs. On this paddle journey there are few and much between stopping points. One would be at Sarclet that is home to simply many homes and a small haven. Arriving in Lybster you’ll realize a little pier where you can land your craft.

The area in Sutherland between Golspie and Dornoch is simply white beaches as so much as your eyes will see. some of these beaches are really good for water sport once the ocean swells come in from the north or east. Since it’s all beaches it’d be a soft landing should anything go wrong. The beaches stretch over 12km and that they are very popular with people in Dornoch. Simply passed the mouth of Dornoch Firth are again huge beaches however ought to be avoided since it’s a coaching space for fighter planes from Lossiemouth. This space should only be paddled if the Aberdeen coastguard is giving you the all clear.

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