Mar 22

Venice Historical Romantic Place

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The lagoon of Venice was first inhabited dating back before the year of 421 once a gathering of refugees settled here, chased away from their home lands by the merciless attacks of the Huns and the Germanic tribes. Isolated and protected by the surrounding marshes and lagoons, the settlement of today’s Venice grew a lot of autonomous. as the may of the byzantine empire waned, Venice grew proud and independent as a prominent trading power on the Adriatic sea. Between the 9th and the 12th century, Venice blossomed into prestige, became a city-state and strengthened her trading paths with Constaninople.

Through her passed all the crossroads between East and West, the precious trails of silk, grains and spices that stemmed from brave and audacious sea adventures across unknown oceans. By the late 13th century, at the height of its power and wealth, with 36,000 sailors and over 3,000 ships, Venice was a naval power to be reckoned with and therefore the most prosperous city in Europe. during now, the wealthy merchant families build a number of her most beautiful palaces and inspired the development of the arts and music that may create Venice of the most alluring and fairest of them all.

The Age of love

What else can you feel once in Venice apart from love! You fall helplessly in love with her, her ups and downs, her light and darkness and every one that surrounds her. You fall in love with yourself and all the serene nature around you. Here love isn’t an emotion; love is your very existence. You lay your head to rest on a soft red couch, secure by the fragrant air in your very own palazetto and before your eyes float images of times gone along. Times of poetically-charged courtesans that ruled the hearts of men and fates of a nation. The sun’s playful¬† reflections off the smooth water surface tickle the cherubs that grace the divinely painted ceiling and sure that has got to be what melodies of heaven sound like.

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